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Figures create a revealing moment through a tension between antagonistic characters and raw bodies in my work. My subject matter ventures into the bold and specific, as images of mortality versus divinity appear, begging questions about the human as both a cerebral, spiritual entity and as a body tied within the confining implications of social, physical and animal aspects. I render figures in a manner mimicking living and breathing reality. In this way, I strive to make the viewer question what is divinely influenced and what is influenced by humanity.

By exploring a spectrum of vague to individual bodies, I probe the psyche beyond the form. Bodies often remain stripped down to bare skin, to expose the human form as an animal mass. The deconstruction of clergy into visceral forms shines a human light onto the holy. Ever-increasing stress between figures and their environment fabricates a realm in which dogma becomes unclear. By imitating images associated with the contemporary church through using digital media, I seek to understand the discord between faith, doctrine and practice. I hope to question the influence of the church, as the struggle I create asks the viewer to examine spiritual law in a morally distant society.


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